Dynamic Hatha Yoga

Guided sessions in English language

Libélula Yoga Space offers you a space to practice dynamic hatha yoga guided in English language.

This studio is equipped with the essential stuff to practice this discipline.

Two specialized teachers will guide the class, but one of them will help with the “ásanas” (positions)


Tu & Th at 9 am

Fees: Can be paid by class, week or month.

Each class $400

Weekly fee (twice a week) $700

Monthly fee (once a week) $900

Monthly fee (twice a week) $1150

hatha yoga in english

The word Hatha stands for Power

It is usually divided into two syllables, HA: Sun and THA Moon

For this reason, Hatha refers to the vital power between the two poles of the body, known as  “PRANA” HA which is set on the cardiac region  and “THA” is found on the perineum.

Some techniques such as bhandas or mudras and pranayamas exercises are used in Hatha Yoga to control and encourage those powers.

Although Hatha Yoga gives special importance to physical activity, it should not be considered as a gymnastics class.

Hatha Yoga generates physical, mental and emotional armony by its integrated principles.

It is only through meditation, that the final objective of yoga methods explores an upper level of a superior or developed conscious beyond mind and thoughts.

Yoga practitioners will personally experiment a true alchemy at their own time. This alchemy is related to a new beginning iniciation of each practitioner which makes each person stops feeling linked to muscular tension shields and latent mental dysfunctions which have been stuck for long time.

hatha-spoken in english palermo
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